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            Juntando-se à luta contra o COVID-19

            A NVIDIA está apoiando pesquisadores com acesso gratuito ao NVIDIA Parabricks.

            GTC Silicon Valley.

            GTC 2020 SERá UM EVENTO ONLINE


            GEFORCE? RTX Série SUPER?


            Compre seu notebook GeForce e fique pronto para qualquer desafio.

            Ray Tracing em Tempo Real está chegando aos maiores games.

            Ray tracing melhora o jogo mais vendido.

            Jogue a Mais de 144 FPS

            NOTíCIAS SOBRE AI

            With recent breakthroughs in training, inference, and model size for NLP, the world is one step closer to conversational AI.

            NVIDIA and Red Hat have announced a partnership to bring robust 5G capabilities to the telecoms industry.

            GPU Operator and Helm charts on NGC help enterprises deploy across the edge, data center, cloud, and hybrid platforms.

            Build and deploy GPU-accelerated 5G applications.

            AI NO DATA CENTER

            From 8 hours to 80 seconds, NVIDIA AI platform delivers top performance in latest round of MLPerf.

            NVIDIA DGX-2? with Python ran 20 million trading simulations in one hour—setting a new backtesting benchmark.

            Virtualizing Compute-Intensive Workloads including AI and Data Science.

            Uniting two of the world’s leading HPC companies.